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 コルドラジン(Cordrazine)は強力な興奮剤で、緊急時の医療に用いられた。主な用途として心停止などの症状に陥った心臓に刺激を与えて患者を蘇生させる際に使用された。コルドラジンは赤色の液体で、ハイポスプレーを使って患者の体に注入された。2267年ジェイムズ・T・カーク大佐がコルドラジンについて「やっかいなクスリ」と評していたように、用法・用量によっては危険のある薬物であった。(TOS: 危険な過去への旅) しかしながら、24世紀にはカークの時代よりも医師によって常用されるようになっていた。(TNGDS9VOY

使用例 編集

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 ヒカル・スールーUSSエンタープライズが時間の歪みを通過した影響を受けてブリッジコンソールが暴発したショックで不整脈(心臓の粗動)となったが、数滴のコルドラジンによって回復した。直後、ドクターレナード・マッコイは同じく時間の歪みが原因の揺れのせいで誤って自分の体にコルドラジンを過剰投与してしまった。(TOS: 危険な過去への旅

 2268年、ドクター・マッコイは1ccのコルドラジンをリッツォ少尉に投与して意識を取り戻させた。(TOS: 復讐!ガス怪獣

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A more potent form of cordrazine, called tricordrazine, is commonly used in resuscitation in the 24th century. Dr. Beverly Crusher attempted to use tricordrazine to revive Worf after he went into heart failure, following a risky surgery using the genitronic replicator to repair his damaged spinal column. (TNG: Ethics)

In 2369, Crusher revived the deceased Deanna Troi with ten ccs of cordrazine used in conjunction with a cortical stimulator. TNG: Man of the People)

Later that year, Crusher told her staff to prepare a cordrazine series for Jean-Luc Picard after his artificial heart had been damaged and the captain was failing fast. (TNG: Tapestry)

In 2371, Bareil Antos was given two ccs of cordrazine by Julian Bashir and Jabara. Bashir himself was given four ccs of cordrazine several weeks later, after being placed in a coma following Altovar's attack. (DS9: Life SupportDistant Voices)

The Doctor used two ccs of cordrazine to revive Harry Kim after he was killed by a Vhnori cenotaph. (VOY: Emanations)

On "Planet Hell" in 2372, Neelix suggested that Tom Paris administer cordrazine to an ailing repto-humanoid infant. (VOY: Parturition)

Bashir gave cordrazine to several Teplans in 2372, hoping to alleviate the pain caused by the Dominion's Teplan blight. Epran and Ekoria were among those given the drug, although the former had stopped responding to it before he died. Bashir was concerned that the high level of the drug he'd administered to Ekoria might be hard on her baby's metabolism. (DS9: The Quickening)

The Doctor used fifty milligrams of cordrazine to stabilize Tuvok in 2373 when a gaseous anomaly unearthed repressed memories in Tuvok. (VOY: Flashback)

Later that year, The Doctor used ten milligrams of cordrazine in conjunction with a cortical stimulator to revive Kathryn Janeway after an alien had invaded her cerebral cortex. (VOY: Coda)


In late 2375, Bashir gave ten milligrams of cordrazine to Section 31's Luther Sloan who had attempted suicide, although only as part of a mental simulation created by the multitronic engrammatic interpreter. (DS9: Extreme Measures)

In 2376, The Doctor used twenty milligrams of cordrazine during an emergency resuscitation to revive B'Elanna Torres from an induced catatonic state, to which she did not respond. (VOY: Barge of the Dead)


過剰投与 編集

McCoy experiencing cordrazine frenzy.jpg

McCoy in a cordrazine frenzy caused by an overdose in 2267

Excessive amounts of this drug produce temporary delirium with violent behavior, as the recipient enters into frenzies of extreme paranoia. This includes inability to recognize acquaintances and the fear of mortal danger. Those suffering from an overdose may experience occasional loss of consciousness and exhibit confusion, weakness, and high fever, pale green and red mottled skin. (TOS: The City on the Edge of Forever) Twenty-five ccs of tricordrazine was enough to kill a Klingon. (TNG: Ethics)

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According to the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual (p. 30), the drug Cordrazine was invented on Earth in 1987 as an autonomous nervous system stimulant. Originally used in cryogenics laboratories to stimulate the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine in the brain to restore nerve transmissions during the defrosting process.

Cordrazine was also mentioned as a fictional drug in the 1968 Mission: Impossible episode "The Freeze". While trying to convince a bank robber that he has been cryogenically frozen and revived eleven years later, IMF agent Rollin Hand poses as a doctor and asks the nurse to give the patient "five ccs of cordrazine". Mission: Impossible was filmed on the same lot as Star Trek.

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